Bulk Fuel Storage Tanks - Apia Wharf Samoa

The Energy Division of the Ministry of Finance of the Government of the Independent State of Samoa is constructing 3 off 2,000 metric tonne [more than 2,000,000 litres] fuel storage tanks at the Apia wharf. PEP were initially awarded the supply and fabrication of the key components of the tank including the plates and rolling of the shell plates. Following on from a very successful completion of the first stage, PEP were awarded the tank construction project. PEP had to competitively bid and secure this work.

The new tanks will provide a second bulk fuel storage facility in Samoa. This will reduce the risk of major disruption to fuel supply and distribution in Samoa. The bulk fuel storage capacity within Samoa will be increased, and the efficiency of the discharge of petroleum products from tankers moored at Apia Wharf will be enhanced. During normal operations the tanks will store diesel fuel. Should the need arise due to operational requirements at the Sogi Fuel terminal; these tanks can be used for the storage of other fuels including dual purpose kerosene [DPK] or aviation fuel.

The project is scheduled for completion in the third quarter of 2015.

Fuel Storage Tank - Total Walu Bay, Suva Fiji

TOTAL [Fiji] Limited awarded PEP the contract to design and build a 4000T tuna gasoil storage tank at their Walu Bay terminal in the capital Suva, Fiji. The work was won through an international competitive bidding process.

At the contract signing, TOTAL [Fiji] Ltd Vice President Finance and Company Secretary Bernardo Eseo and Vice President Eroni Verevukivuki welcomed PEP personnel noted they looked forward to successful working relationship with PEP. They noted this was their first large contract to be undertaken by TOTAL. The last tank owned by TOTAL and built in the South Pacific was in 1993 in Touliki depot in Nukualofa, Tonga. PEP Managing Director, Chandar Sen noted he was the Project Manager for that project.

This project is scheduled for completion in the fourth quarter of 2015.

Pictured below are TOTAL and PEP personnel at the contract signing.

Fresh Frozen Tuna Processing Facility - American Samoa

Following the successful delivery of the tuna freezer for Samoa Cold Storage Inc., another Tri Marine subsidiary, Samoa Tuna Processors Inc. awarded PEP the fresh frozen facility and tuna processing facility project. Both the temperature controlled facilities meet the European Union and Food and Drug Administration (US FDA) standards.

Constructed using factory mutual approved fire rated PIR panels, both the facilities are inside existing buildings. Some 10,000m2 of PIR panel was imported from South Korea for the project.

Pressure Management System, Water Authority of Fiji, Fiji

The Water Authority of Fiji (WAF) is undertaking an ambitious non-revenue water management process, including the supply and installation of pressure reducing systems to control the mains pressure.

Most areas in the Suva / Nausori water supply system in Fiji experience significant high pressure especially at nights. As a result, there has been an increase in burst mains as well as increase in water loss. At the moment, if the water main is shut down for repairs, the pressure inside pipe builds up and increases the possibility of another burst main at a different location. The pressure management system project includes supply and installation of pressure reducing systems to control pressure in the main lines. After completion of the project, Water Authority of Fiji will be able to reduce the pressure in the water mains, if required. This will reduce the possibility of burst mains and loss of water due to leakages. The system includes installation of a bypass system to the existing water supply mains at selected locations. The bypass system consists of isolation valves, strainer, pressure reducing valve and a flow meter. The flow meters will be connected to Water Authority of Fiji’s Central Control Room in future through telemetry. This will provide better operation control of the water supply system. The work is along the national roads and PEP has had to follow strict procedures of the Fiji Roads Authority to obtain excavation permits.

Samoa Water Authority Project – Samoa

PEP won the contract for the design and build of chlorination facilities at three of the water treatment plants for Samoa's Water Authority.

Following an internationally competitive bidding process, Samoa Water Authority (SWA) awarded the contract to PEP to provide the chlorination facility at four of their water treatment plants, namely Fuluasou Rural, Fuluasou Urban, Alaoa and Malololelei.

This multi-disciplined project which involveds the construction of the chlorination building, providing all mechanical and electrical equipment and the installation and commissioning of these. Other features of the project involved the supply and installation of dosing skids to mix the correct amounts of chlorine depending on the flow rate of water. The flow rates are monitored by a new insertion type flow meter.

Also provided was an alarm auto dialler which has been installed and connected up to the system to provide phone call alarms on pre-programmed mobile phone numbers. These alarms are high and low flow rate of water, duty pump failure, low level of chlorine in duty hypo storage tank and power failure.

Construction work has now been successfully completed and commissioned and proof tested for a month with satisfactory outcomes. Other than the enviable milestone of no lost time injuries, the project was completed ahead of schedule and below the allocated budget.

Satala Substation Project

American Samoa Power Authority, Pago Pago, American Samoa

The American Samoa Power Authority [ASPA] awarded the contract for the Satala Substation Project to Pacific Engineering Projects Limited [PEP]. PEP was awarded this contract in favour of other international bidders.

This is a turnkey project and it included the design, build, procure, test, ship, install and commissioning of the 34.5kV/13.8kV high voltage transformers, switchgear and associated controls and protection systems.

PEP and ASPA have worked together on this project on a very collaborative basis. This included PEP and ASPA [represented by Power Chief Wallon Young and Generation Manager Ted Lei’ato] attending the successful factory acceptance tests at ABB factories in Hanoi, Vietnam and Xiamen, China.

PEP was represented by its Managing Director Chandar Sen and General Manager Rajnish Sen at the recent ribbon cutting ceremony at Satala.

The project will play a vital role in the power supply network for American Samoa as the ASPA will be able to link its two independent power stations together. This will allow for the operation of the more efficient generating sets and provide a greater spinning reserve and greater operational flexibility and stability in the electrical network and power supply in the country. With the high cost of diesel, high operational costs and high retail costs of electricity, efficient operation of diesel generation is vital. PEP is humbled and very proud to be the chosen turnkey contractor for such a vital project for the ASPA.

Picture below is outside the Tie Line walk in building after the Attorney General Talauega Eleasalo Ale did the ribbon cutting and switched on all the circuit breakers.

Solomon Islands Electricity Authority cable laying project – Solomon Islands

Pacific Engineering Projects Ltd has recently completed a design, supply, install and commission 3500m of 33kV high voltage underground cable and fibre optic cable project for the Solomon Islands Electricity Authority (SIEA). This was an important infrastructure upgrade for the SIEA as it supplies electricity to the greater part of Honiara from the SIEA’s Lungga Power Station.

The design included modelling the load flows to select the cable for the required duty. For the modelling, PEP had to import, under a MPI import permit, soil samples along the route and the bedding sand and have the thermal resistivity analysis carried out by Opus in Wellington. A 3Cx240mm2 aluminium cable was selected.

Site works involved excavation along the busiest highway in Honiara – the Kukum Highway. Extensive traffic management to facilitate excavation both manually and mechanically using excavators was successfully completed. The potential presence of UXO [unexploded ordinance] was carefully ruled-out using military grade metal detectors. A small unexploded bomb was found in one of the trenches – this was disposed of by the authorities.

The project was completed in January 2015 and now strengthens the SIEA’s network and provides reliable power supply to the people of Honiara. The project was completed without any lost time injury to any worker on the project.

Tovata Booster Pump, Water Authority of Fiji, Fiji

The existing Wainibuku Pumping Station houses two Tovata Booster Pumps. Due to an increase in demand, both the booster pumps run continuously. As a result there is no standby capacity available. This means that during a planned maintenance shutdown, water supply to the Suva and Nausori region is affected. The Water Authority of Fiji commissioned PEP to supply and install a new booster pump to augment the existing Tovata booster pumping system. This will ensure 2 operational pumps are available at all times.

A new pump has been installed and connected to the existing suction and discharge headers by PEP. PEP has ensured that as far as possible the new equipment being installed is interchangeable, if not the same as the existing, so that the spares inventory is not increased. The pumps have been fully operational from February 2015 and now supports steady water supply in the Suva and Nausori region in Fiji.

WAF Flood Recovery Project

Pacific Engineering Projects Ltd [PEP] was awarded amongst other contracts a multimillion dollar turnkey construction project by the Water Authority of Fiji to build a new river water intake pump station in Matavo, Sigatoka and a 300mm diameter 3.7km underground water mains in Waiwai, Ba. This was an internationally competitively bid funded 87.5% by the ADB and 12.5% by the Fijian government.

PEP’s project manager Shishir Malaviya noted the project was completed on schedule despite a very ambitious and fast track completion time requirement.

At Matavo, working in the river was a challenge in itself – but the challenge was even more so with the location being tidal meaning a narrow window every day where work could be carried out.

Despite all the challenges the PEP team stepped up to the mark and the work was completed without any safety or environment incidents, on schedule and within the approved Contract budget.

Pacific Fisheries Company

Following on from a recently completed 6000T tuna freezer for one of its other tuna sector clients, PEP were awarded the contract to design and build a 4000T tuna freezer for Pacific Fishing Company Ltd [PAFCO], in Levuka, Ovalau, the former capital of Fiji and a UNESCO world heritage site. The work was won through an international competitive bidding process. At the contract signing, PAFCO Board chairman, Mr. Ikbal Jannif noted the importance of this project to the people of Ovalau. Some 10% of the population are employed at PAFCO. He noted this is one of the largest contracts undertaken by PAFCO and they looked forward to a successful working relationship with PEP. Pictured below are PAFCO and PEP personnel at the contract signing. The project has had media coverage – this is included in the media section of our website.

Marsden B Power Station Dismantling

The multidiscipline project involved the dismantling, packing and shipping of the 250MW Marsden B Power Station. PEP’s client is United Telecoms Ltd from Bangalore in India. The project was completed to the satisfaction of UTL, which included over 100,000 direct man-hours expanded onsite without a lost time injury or any environmental mishaps.

The chartered heavy lift ship Happy Rover departed Northport, Marsden Point in May 2012 for Southern India.

Location : Ruakaka, New Zealand

Labasa Hospital Water Reticulation Upgrade

PEP was the turnkey contractor for this multidiscipline project. The project came online in June 2012. The project upgraded the main water supply pipe ring main to the hospital. A 350,000 litre storage reservoir was also supplied and installed. PEP provided the civil and structural engineering design for the tank and tank foundation.

The project was completed to the satisfaction of all stakeholders. There were no injuries to anyone – a major feat given the work was carried out around a major divisional operational hospital.

Location : Labasa, Fiji

Toa Petroleum Fuel Terminal

PEP’s client TOA Petroleum (Apex Agencies Ltd) of Rarotonga is relocating its existing fuel storage facility in Panama to a new proposed site located at Areanu Pt.

The work involves engineering and design, obtaining of statutory and regulatory authority permits, construction, testing and commissioning.

Location : Rarotonga, Cook Islands

Freezer and Receival Area

This is a turnkey design and build project for PEP. The project is for a major player in the tuna industry and is located in Pago Pago Harbour.

Location : Pago Pago, American Samoa

Russian Dairy Project

This is a dairy project in the far east of Russia. PEP is working for the developers on this project. Details of the project remain confidential.

Location : Far East Russia

Wharf Fuel Pipeline

Pacific Energy and Toa Petroleum are reinstating a joint fuel unloading pipeline at Avatiu Port, Rarotonga, Cook Islands.

The work involves engineering and design, obtaining of statutory and regulatory authority permits, construction, testing and commissioning.

Location : Rarotonga, Cook Islands

Fish Processing Equipment

PEP has been supplying a number of fabricated products to its cannery clients. These have included:

  • Round retort baskets
  • Square retort baskets
  • Fish cleaning tables
  • Fishmeal plant spares

  • Location : Various